Tuesday, October 26, 2010

School in Palestine

The journey starts here in Hebron.

The children starting their day going to school to be faced with a checkpoint

The soldiers prevent them from passing and give them orders to go home

The children try to challenge the soldiers and pass the checkpoint

They end up having their classes in the street by the checkpoint

What an amazing spirit

The boys try a little bit harder they got shot at, and some arrested

Yet in their eyes you see determination and dignity

If you have a heart at all you will pass this on to all your loved ones and friends and MAYBE someone will realize

what Palestinians go through every day!!!

kawan? ouh..

taktahu ape dosa aku kat dia sampai dia buat aku cam ni.
Apa sebenarnya yang dia nak. Tanx Puan Nuzaimah .
She said 'life is about learning'.. Jangan bersedih dgn ape yang telah terjadi.
Just halalkan. Kalau tak sebab hari ni, kamu takkan tahu macam ni lah kawan yang kamu sayang. Boleh datang cakap dengan aku buat macam takde pe yang berlaku. Aku taktau camner nak berdepan dengan dia dah. zzzzzzzzz!

crows 0.takiya genji.
p/s by Aimi Nadia;
be what u are n don't ignore people that going to let u down.
remember.even your best friend that you might love will make u frustrated n down, one day.

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