Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Iranian Women’s National Soccer Team Banned from Olympic Qualifying Tournament

 Sedih giler rasa macam nak nangis gak tengok dipa nangis macam baby , salah ker pakai tudung ???

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Players of the Iranian women’s national soccer team react after withdrawing from their qualifying match against Jordan for the 2012 London Olympic Games in Amman June 3. The Iranian team were banned from the match on Friday in the second round of qualifiers in protest against guidelines on their veil. The FIFA woman’s association requires that any covering used does not cover the neck and ears. In Iran all women are required to cover their hair in public to conform to the Islamic dress code. (Ali Jarekji/Reuters)

It’s important to remember that women’s rights in Iran are trampled on in every category and they’re treated as second class citizens, at best. They are required to wear the veil; it is not their personal choice.
The only countries that mandate the hijab today are Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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Syafiq A. Ghani said...

Dalam sukan pn diorang nk diskriminasi. haish

Pesona Algebra said...

Sedih wok tgk dorg ngis

Syuxer said...

bodohnya FIFA..agama islam x nak respek plak..haktuih la say no dikriminasi..

apik pehe said...

adehh..naper diorang tak bagi?tudung tu takder halang bola pon

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