Friday, November 4, 2011

Hanya Pantai

Aku lakarkan kesalahannya di pasir pantai
Kerana sebentar nanti, ombak akan muncul menghapus kesalahan itu
Juga duka.

You deserve to be very happy :’)

Begitu juga aku.
Manusia boleh berubah, dan aku juga manusia. Maafkan aku jika perubahan itu membuatkan kamu membenci

Kesetiaan WANITA diuji ketika lelaki itu tidak memiliki APAPUN dan kesetiaan LELAKI diuji apabila dia memiliki SEGALANYA.


Boat for Sale

Want to buy a boat? Think about this "island yacht" and make sure I should be invited to its inaugural sailing..

Yes you read it right, a whole amazing island built right on amazing beautiful yacht. Created by UK-based yacht design company Yacht Island Designs, bringing a whole island onto a yacht. 

The design as you can see is inspired by tropical islands with huts, a pool and to top of that, a whole volcano that is sure not to erupt. Since this is a yacht, it comes packed with special VIP rooms, arcades, gym, lounges, spas and even a helipad. The volcano adds a lot of baeuty to the whole look of the yacht, it is also happens to have water flowing out of it onto the pool creating this amazing river complementing the whole tropical look. 

The back of the yacht has a retracable beach deck where structures float on the sea making the sea accessible to swim in and of course grant access to various water activities such as wake boarding and jet-skis. The whole concept is puree genius and the result looks even better.

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