Thursday, November 29, 2012

A reminder to myself.

bismillah ;

come and come reach to my random post.

it's true that looks can be deceiving. you can't judge a book by it's cover. but i oso tod that innocent-looking people or people who are always judged positively, are reallyy nice or OKAY, problem-free-sorta people, but i was definitely wrong. not all are like that but only a few, and they are hard to find.

from my experience, it's the people who are often judged negatively, are the nicest and most thoughtful people. that's why we must choose our friends, bestfriends and partners carefully.

but then again, it's not fun to play safe all the time. it's always good to experience some hardship. tak gitu kengkawan?

saya selalu termarah dia dengan tak sengaja, 
lepastu termenyesal sorang sorang,
jahatkah saya? 

best enemy. best friend. and she's not my friend. (haha!)
sampai mati pun bukan. 

phewww phewww.

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