Thursday, August 23, 2012

takkan pernah


kalian yang pernah mesra
yang simpati , yang pernah baik padaku
tegaklah ke langit luas dan awan yang mendung

kita tak pernah menanam apa-apa
...kita takkan pernah kehilangan apa-apa

dan apabila


dan apabila lelaki temankan perempuan shopping tudung...
bagaimanakah tahap kesabarannya...
just asking...

uptown Perda, 
11:00 pm, 2 hari sebelum Raya

Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water


Hmmm, it says for "sensitive skin" 

I've been updating my skincare, getting more into searching for great products, especially as everyone seems to be, French Pharmacie products. They seem to be much more suited to my skin which can be often sensitive. I have seen many people recommending using spring water before applying powder foundation, and when reapplying make up. However, I never tried it until I got this bottle of Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water.

I have not been a fan of 2-way cake foundation, because I somehow just could not get the powder nice and sticking to my face without looking cakey. Then, now, I spray this spring water on my face first before applying 2-way foundation. To my surprise, the powder sticks to my face comfortably without looking cakey at all.

And my make up lasts longer than usual without feeling oily. I am going to buy another bottle of this to carry it everywhere I go. A 50ml bottle priced at RM18.90, sometimes you see promotions at Guardian where twin bottles are cheaper!



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